A Wedding at Thyme Square with Monica and Chungi: Houston, Texas


Congratulations to Monica and Chungi who performed their ultimate expression of love by exchanging vows on Saturday, June 8th 2013.  The bride and groom chose to have a gazebo style garden wedding with close friends and family. The high point of the nuptials was acknowledging the inclusion of the grooms daughter in the circle of love. This brings to an end a long courtship but marks the beginning of their lifelong journey as a couple and as a family. Many many blessings Monica and Chungi !

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Michele and Phillip: Wedding at The Avery Ranch in Austin ,Texas

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Michele and Phillip were wed at the The Avery Ranch Golf Club in an outdoor Still Moment Unity Cross Ceremony. The wedding was attended by close family and friends who participated in every aspect to signify the coming together of a new marital community. The bride was serenaded by the beautiful strains of guitar music by her son. The couple exchanged their own secret promises as well as their vows. This was a very moving moment for all present. Many blessings and Congratulations Michele and Phillip as you begin your exciting journey together!

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Wedding at The Courtyard on St. James Place: Kristy and Aaron

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Aaron and Kristy were married on Saturday evenning, May 18, 2013 in a family Unity Candle Ceremony at The Courtyard on St. James Place, Galleria in Houston, Texas . The Ceremony was the culmination of a long courtship resulting in the creation of a marital community who were all present at this event, some of whom were honored for their contribution to making this dream a reality.  The couple exchanged promises they wrote, vows and gifts. It was a solemn, funny and inspired occassion which reflected the couple and their relationship. Great times and Congratulations to Kristy and Aaron and their new blended family!



Wedding Receptions in Houston Courtyard on St. James Place …
The Courtyard on St. James Place is the complete wedding reception venue in Houston, TX, offering the most elegant rooms and incomparable cuisine.

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Rachel and Robert’s Rooftop Wedding -Downtown Houston at The Grove

Robert and Rachel wed on the Rooftop at The Grove

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Rachel and Robert exchanged their promises and vows on the rooftop of The Grove in the middle of Downtown Houston, Texas on Saturday, April 13, 2013

It was a beautiful, sunny spring afternoon in downtown Houston  when Robert and Rachel tied the knot in beautiful surroundings on a rooftop deck at The Grove Restaurant. The occasion was attended by close friends and family spanning two generations.   The heartfelt words that were exchanged by the couple were touching and memorable and we wish them many happy and exciting years together. Congratulations Rachel and Robert!

Rooftop at The Grove Restaurant in downtown Houston, TX
Rooftop at The Grove Restaurant in downtown Houston, TX



Carrie and Maurice wed at The Pelazzio in Houston,Texas


Carrie and.Maurice


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Carrie and Maurice were married on March 23rd,2013, commemorated by a beautiful Unity Cross Ceremony at The Pelazzio in Houston, Texas. The glorious event was attended by many friends and family who came to witness the beginning of this couple’s journey together. I was honored and humbled to be a part of their special day. Congratulations Carrie and Maurice!

Wedding Traditions



There are many traditions associated with weddings throughout the world. They largely depend on religion and country. Some traditions have been practiced for many years others have only recently been added. Traditions are fun and make a wedding interesting. Usually the elders of the family have superior knowledge of these customs and therefore often arrange the marriages and all the trappings.


One noticeable difference is the color of the brides dress. In China and most Muslim countries, with the exception of Iran, the bride wears Red or a combination of a red shirt with green skirt. This is because red is a sign of happiness in these countries. Other countries wear white, as this is a color representing purity. In all countries the bride is decked out in jewelry and finery to look her best for her proposed husband. The tradition of the veil is also acknowledged in all countries, but more so in Eastern countries and particularly in Muslim faith.


The painting of the bride’s hands and feet with henna is a tradition in the Muslim faith and particularly in India, Pakistan and Arabia. It is all part of making the bride more beautiful for the groom.


Tossing the bouquet: tossing the bouquet is a tradition mainly seen in the West. The bride will toss her bouquet of flowers into a group of unmarried girls. It is thought that the lucky girl who catches it will be the next girl married.


jumpinbroomA common African-American custom in weddings is jumping over a broom. This came from the old country (Africa) and is meant to ward of evil spirits and is very auspicious. It became a part of all wedding ceremonies, in the days of slavery, as slave owners did not condone legal marriages, this tradition made the wedding complete for the couples. Now couples still jump over the broom and uphold traditions from the old country and signify the sweeping away of the old life and the beginning of a new life together.


Each country has special ceremonies for weddings, which makes weddings unique. These are just a few of the common traditions. Many people love these traditions in their weddings others chose to have civil weddings without the traditions.

How to plan for a small wedding


Small weddings are fun gatherings with just a few family and friends. You may not be able to invite too many people, but the main thing will be that you will be that you are surrounded by your nearest and dearest. Surrounded by your friends and family you will enjoy a more casual and friendly atmosphere. However even a small wedding will need a little planning.

Leave plenty of time: even a small wedding needs time to prepare. Admittedly you will probably be able to handle the event between family and friends and not need a formal wedding planner. It is good to book things in advance. An experience Wedding Officiant will be able to help you a create a simple but memorable ceremony that will last a lifetime. Make your Ceremony the centerpiece


You will need to know that the minister will be able to fit you into his or her schedule, and that there is not another function going on at the church or venue. Invitations should be sent out well in advance, so that your guests do not get booked up and be unable to attend. For a small wedding this is quite important, as your guests are somewhat special.


Make sure your budget will be enough: even a small wedding needs a little money and it is good to estimate the costs before you start buying and arranging things. Make a checklist so that you can estimate better.


Choosing a color scheme: You may not want a full-scale theme for a small wedding but you might like to plan for a color scheme. When everything is matching it will look nice and this always adds class without having to spend extra. You should order your bride’s maid dresses early so that you can have them all matching. Sometimes it is hard to get a number of the same dresses.


Make sure that you consult family members when planning your wedding. This is because there will be a very close-knit group and you do not want any dissention to spoil the atmosphere on your big day. With these few points you can start to plan your small but intimate wedding and enjoy your memories for years to come. These types of weddings may not make the social headlines but will be talked about among family members for a long time.

We’re Engaged 2013

We're Engaged


Congratulations on your Engagement! These are exciting times. Please feel free to copy and share this meme with your friends and family so they can share this moment with you!

Getting your family involved in your wedding

manyhandsIf possible try to get the family involved with your wedding preparations. Sometimes you do not have family or they are not in a position to help you but if they are close and available they are usually more than happy to help. In fact your family should be the first ones you look to for help.

Working with your family can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you handle it. A wedding in the family is always a source of excitement and it seems everyone in the family from the oldest to the youngest wants to get involved. Well this is good because you will get lots of input and ideas. However there is such a thing as too much of a good thing and sometimes you may feel that there are too many cooks trying to advise you.

This is when you need to take control, and get everyone to write down a list of his or her ideas. Then you can sift through them and pick the best ones. You will then be able to take advantage of all the ideas and use the ones that work for you.

By doing this you will be able to get the family involved and still keep your sanity. Everyone is happy because they realize that they have been able to contribute to your special day. You are happy because you have been able to get some fresh ideas and still keep the peace.

Some of your more responsible family members can help you further. You can assign them some tasks, which they alone will be responsible for. In this way your family know that they have been able to help you and you are relived of some of the many things that you need to do to prepare for the big day.

There also several ways to involve or honor your family during the wedding ceremony.
This can be some of the most moving and memorable moments for all concerned.

Overall it is a good thing to have your family help you prepare for your wedding. It brings you all together in a common goal of making your wedding the very best it can be. So enjoy working with your family and enjoy your wedding, knowing that your family helped you to make it happen.

Houston Wedding on New Year’s Day 2013

Stillmoment: Asenet and Guadalupe on their Wedding Day 1/1/2013
Stillmoment: Asenet and Guadalupe on their Wedding Day 1/1/2013


Asenet and Guadalupe were married in Houston, Texas on New Years Day 2013 ! The wedding sealed a long friendship over the years. The couple was married in an intimate, bilingual civil ceremony in a gazebo by the lake. They are excited about their future together. Congratulations to you both. Many blessings for your marriage and your journey together and , oh yes, Happy New Year!!